It seems challenging to start your own blog and share thoughts, experiences with a wider audience than your own-self and maybe this is my main intention. To be honest it is the curiosity how all this interaction will work!

There is also another side effect. I know that what i have thought, what i have experienced is logged somewhere and it’s not only inside my head! (great relief!)

It is good to have the intention, you need that motivation, but this is not enough. You have to “start doing” and it is well known that this is the most difficult part (no exception for my case)

Being motivated enough not to quit prior even starting,  the right moment to write my first post came yesterday!

The following dialogue is a true dialogue between our older daughter and us (her parents)

child: mom, dad even today that kid told me that he will bite me!

parents: and how did you react?

child: i told him that this was not a nice behavior, but he didn’t care and repeated that he will bite me again

parents: next time that he will tell you such a thing tell him that you will tell it to your teacher..she will take care of this!

child: ok!

parents: if he is not changing his behavior tell him that you will further report it  to your kindergarten director and then to your dad. And you can tell him that you will call the police as well!

child: i don’t want to make him feel sad! I think we can help him to become  a good kid

How easy and how often we are escalating issues? How often we help others to become better? How difficult is to act and take ownership of our actions?

Working as agile coach with individuals and teams for a few years, I could share many examples of escalating problems and use a higher level of authority to resolve them,  without spending much time to think!

Maybe next time prior escalating we should slow down and think,

“How could WE help ______ to become better in  _______?”

And when our intention to “help” & “support”  is clear, we should start doing! This is the difficult part!



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