#3 :: WHY start your startup?


It’s one of the questions i was thinking when i was invited to support a startup event that took place recently during a weekend. Is there any greater cause, a belief  behind a startup idea? Or is it just the what these ideas are trying to respond? a solution to an identified problem? Is there any applicability of Simon SInek’s Golden Circle in the startup world?

Having that in mind I’ve made the hypothesis that the awareness of the golden circle could help enthusiast start-uppers to set the basis for greater things!

To experiment my hypothesis i’ve used some time with the formed groups after pitching their ideas, to make them aware of the golden circle and trigger them during the event with thinking questions to help them shape their greater cause!

It was amazing to see people drawing their golden circle, talk about and watch Simon Sinek’s TED talk and trying to  find their purpose! ThesKoulouri is not about a famous product in our city enhanced with more flavours, it’s about living an experience, tuneDeck is not about controlling your music while driving it is about driving in safety, easyReader main belief is that everyone should be able to enjoy reading, repairIT would like to re-imagine and redesign the future of craftsmen and craftsmanship! I am not sure if these teams and many others, found their greater cause but the good thing is that they thought about it!

IMHO reflecting on that weekend and on the hypothesis i’ve made, i could say  that the clarity of why is important for the future of any startup. It is true that everything is starting with a simple idea to solve an existing problem but it is worth to dive into deeper for long term benefits and sustainability!

You might agree that knowing your why could be a start, but for sure it’s not enough to move forward! Especially during an intensive weekend, formed groups have a lot of things to consider, from research up to their first mock-ups! It is important for that reason to know how to organise their work, prioritise their tasks, identify their impediments and their needs! A few concrete methods could be found in this material i’ve shared during the event!

it was my first time i’ve joined a startup event and it was a great experience that for sure i would like to live it again! A bing “thank you” to all participants, mentors and for sure the organising committee that made the StartUpLive event in thessaloniki  happen!

start your startup because you believe in a greater cause!


inspirational talk

Simon Sinek – Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

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