inspiring articles & posts

never stop learning: how self-education creates a bullet-proof career  (advices to ignite and sustain our passion for learning)

. on two metaphors for learning and the dangers of choosing just one (acquisition and presentation metaphor)

how to believe in yourself (Failure, not being perfect, mistakes, not having people agree with me, not being completely accepted: these are not negative things. They’re positive…practice practice practice to start removing things that holding us back)

the power of humane relationships (it’s the quality – some may say health – of relationships that makes for effective software development. and for effective business, too.)

. the three qualities of people i most enjoy working with (dream big, get shit done, know how to have fun)

. the lies your mind tells you to prevent life changes (the mind wants comfort, and is afraid of discomfort and change..so you’ve got to “teach” your mind working for you instead of against you..practice!)

scaling agile @ spottily with tribes, squads, chapters and guilds  (Disclaimer: We didn’t invent this model. Spotify is -like any good agile company- evolving fast. This article is only a snapshot of our current way of working – a journey in progress, not a journey completed. By the time you read this, things have already changed)

self-organizing roles on agile software development teams (mentor, co-ordinator, translator, champion, promoter, terminator)

what i do when i fail (failed..start again)

. the universal scrum master failure  (the absolutely key role for any Scrum Master is to establish and nurture channels from the team outwards into the diaspora of wider management. Nothing else is as important. And nothing gets so little time and attention)

. myth 34: you’re empowered because i say you are (people do act with the best interests of the organization, as long as you tell them the results you want)

. why self-awareness is the secret weapon for habit change (The more we learn to be conscious of our impulses, thoughts, and actions, while also keeping in mind our principles that foster practical wisdom, we can more easily become our best selves.)

. systems and culture: connecting the dots ()

. ‘follow your passion’ is crappy advice (cultivate not follow, true passion arises after you’ve put in the long hours to really become a craftsman in your field and can then leverage this value to really have an impact, to gain autonomy and respect, to control your occupational destiny)

. the care and training of your pet team (Remember; if you take care of your PET TEAM, your PET TEAM will take care of you”)

. 20 product prioritization techniques: a map and a guided tour (how can we know what’s valuable? how valuable is it? valuable to whom?)

. an exit strategy for the agile coach (“How are the communities doing? Are they still a place of healing and growth?”)

. 8 ways to measure your impact as an agile coach (legacy is planting seeds in a garden you will never see grow)

. Promiscuous Pairing and Beginner’s Mind: Embrace Inexperience (a constant state of Beginner’s Mind

inspiring books

mindset: the new psychology of success, Carol S. Dweck #failure, #learn, #success, #effort

. start with why: how great leaders inspire action, Simon SInek #goldenCircle, #whyHowWhat

drive: the surprising truth about what motivates us, Daniel H. Pink #purpose, #autonomy, #mastery

high performance team coaching, Dr. Peters & Dr. Carr, #safety, #teamCycle, #teamBeginning, #teamMidpoint, #teamEnding, #60-30-10

the 7 habits of highly effective people, Stephen R. Covey, #beProactive, #beginWithTheEndInMind, #putFirstThingsFirst, #thinkWinWin, #seekFirstToUnderstandThenToBeUnderstood, #synergize, #sharpenTheSaw

. this is lean: resolving the efficiency paradox, Niklas Modig, Par Ahlstrom, #resourceEfficiency, #flowEfficiency, #value, #need, #toyota, #efficiencyParadox

. quite leadership: six steps to transforming performance at work, David Rock, #coaching, #CR.EA.TE, #permission, #placement, #questioning, #clarifying

. the happiness advantage: the seven principles of positive psychology that fuel success and performance at work, Shawn Achor, #happiness, #positivePsychology, #mindset

. an agile adoption and transformation survival guide, Michael Sahot, #culture

. reinventing organizations, #organization evolution,  Frederic Laloux, #case studie, #reinvent organization, #culture

. user story mapping, #user stories, #maps, #roadmap, #releases, #pdo

. lean change management, #lean, #change, #insights, #experiments, #alignement, #co-creation, #learn

. kanban from inside, #kanban, #values, #principles, #practices, #STATIK

. real world kanban, #kanban, #examples, #howtostart

. kanban in action, #kanban, #howto

. the agile samurai, #agile, #scrum, #howto

inspiring keynotes & talks

the power of an agile Mindset, Linda Rising

. born to cycle, Linda Rising

how great leaders inspire action, Simon Sinek

the puzzle of motivation, Daniel Pink

. the happy secret to better work, Shawn Achor

. the tribes we lead, Seth Godin

. how kanban helps us move beyond the traditional PMO to 21st century portfolio management, David Joyce

. essential lean kanban, Klaus Leopold

inspiring videos & slideshares

. spotify engineering culture part 1 & part 2, Henrik Kniberg

the responsibility process, Christopher Avery

the mental leaps at ericsson 3g, Erik Schon, Hakan Forss

inspiring workshops & labs

. how google set goals: objectives and key results, startup lab workshops, google ventures

inspiring quotes

becoming is better than being, Carol S. Dweck

Working hard for something we don’t care about it is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion, Simon Sinek

Agile works, when it works, by offering an environment in which people can relate to each other in new and more meaningful, humane ways.”, Bob Marshall

Perfect is a Verb, Kent Beck

The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you,  B.B. King

Remember; if you take care of your PET TEAM, your PET TEAM will take care of you, Bob Marshall

the more you finish the more you finish, John Seddon



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jump out of any local optimums by iterating, evaluating, accepting, memorising and restarting

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